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Like every person born in the 60s, 70s and 80s in the Netherlands I grew up in the beer wastelands. It was a time where pils/lager was synonym to beer. Needless to say I didn’t begin my alcoholic adventures with beer, but I got there eventually and I even decided to study beer. Now I’m an international biersommelier. You can read more about me here.

I love to organise beer tastings, beer walks and other beer activities in Dutch (Nederlands) and English and I could organise something for you as well. My home town is Eindhoven, but travel is no problem.

I also love to travel around for beer and research the subject more. You can find those adventures in my blog or on the dedicated page.

I’m from Eindhoven, so of course there’s a dedicated page to Eindhoven.

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Latest blog posts

  • Dutch Cup of Beer Sommeliers 2023
    Monday morning, the fourth of July. Nineteen beer sommeliers are ready to compete against each other in the third Dutch Cup of Beer Sommeliers.
  • Women’s International Trophy
    Last week I was one of the lucky few to be selected for the Women’s International Trophy! So we travelled to Mainz to judge some beers and explore the city.
  • Board game: Hip Hops
    I updated the article about Beer Board Game (Card Game): Hip Hops
  • Eindhoven: Brewstudio Ølik
    A changed name is an updated post for Brewstudio Ølik formerly known as Het Rijkshotel

News and short updates!

2024 February 2nd

Beer tasting obstacle practice run! Will we be able to taste, describe and guess the beers or will we be sidetracked by the cats?

2024 January 16th

Today the fifth Beer Geeks (beat ALS) beer was brewed at Lighttown Brewers! If you want to help, you can find several options on https://beergeeksbeatals.nl/

2024 January 14th

Today I gave a crash course on beer and flavours to an awesomely chaotic group at their team building day. I normally don’t share any pictures of such private events, but this time I got this gif 😁🍻

You can find more short updates over here: News and Short updates