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Like every person born in the 60s, 70s and 80s in the Netherlands I grew up in the beer wastelands. It was a time where pils/lager was synonym to beer. Needless to say I didn’t begin my alcoholic adventures with beer, but I got there eventually. Now I’m an international biersommelier. You can read more about me here.

I love to organise beer tastings, beer walks and other beer activities and I could organise something for you

I also love to travel around for beer and research the subject more. You can find those adventures in my blog or on the dedicated page.

I’m from Eindhoven, so of course there’s a dedicated page to Eindhoven.

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Latest blog posts

  • Eindhoven: The Drinkers Pub
    e wrong, I love all the beer venues in Eindhoven dearly, but the one place you will probably find me the most is the Drinkers Pub. So yeah, I realise this post is ridiculously overdue.
  • Beer: Kraftbier Vroemmm…
    After the interesting HEMA tompouce beer experiment last year, I got the chance to taste another beer and candy combination: The Kraftbier Vroemmm…
  • 25th Schneider Weisse Fanclubtreffen
    Last weekend it finally happened: The 25th Schneider Weisse Fanclubtreffen! Expect no story and a lot of pictures!
  • New Year’s Eve’s Brewing; the next steps
    At New Year’s Eve, Xhanika and I brewed a beer. But at the end of such a day, you are still far from having an actual drinkable beer. There were still two steps to come: Bottling and lagering. So two weeks later I had to take out all the cleaning equipment again.

News and short updates!

2022 June 20th

Blind tasting practice for the Dutch Championships Biersommelier. 10 beer types (yay) and 10 off flavours (nay). 😉🍻 With a total score of 10 I would have been through to the finals.

2022 June 6th

Today was the official opening of the newest brewery in Eindhoven: You can now find an auxillary branch of Uiltje Brewing Company in Café Restaurant Eindhoven!

You can find more short updates over here: News and Short updates