Bierdame in the media

Once in a while I get asked to talk or write about beer for others. You can find those activities here. I wrote for magazines, got interviewed by newspapers and radio stations and talked a bit on podcasts


Brabants Dagblad


In 2019 and 2020 I was one of the beer reviewers for that season and wrote about some specific beers for Pint.

Radio 2

After the WK 2019 I was interviewed by Vroeg op Frank.

You can listen to the interview here, but it is in Dutch

Kleine Boodschap

Kleine Boodschap is a podcast about themepark De Efteling. De Efteling has launched several themed beers, so the gentlemen of Kleine Boodschap asked me in 2019 to tell them a bit about the beers of De Efteling. It is in Dutch though: Kleine-Boodschap-podcast part 1 and Kleine-Boodschap-podcast part 2.

Beer in a Box

Beer in a Box interviewed me for their first edition of their new newspaper: The Grizzly Gazet. It’s also in Dutch. You can find the second part of the interview online here.