Bierdame offsite

Once in a while I get asked to talk or write about beer for others. You can find those activities here

Radio 2

After the WK I was interviewed by Vroeg op Frank.

You can listen to the interview here, but it is in Dutch

Kleine Boodschap

Kleine Boodschap is a podcast about themepark De Efteling. De Efteling has launched several themed beers, so the gentlemen of Kleine Boodschap asked me to tell them a bit about the beers of De Efteling. It is in Dutch though: Kleine-Boodschap-podcast There will be a sequel about the newly launched hotel beer.

Beer in a Box

Beer in a Box interviewed me for their first edition of their new newspaper: The Grizzly Gazet. It’s also in Dutch. You can find the second part of the interview online here.


Over the upcoming year I’m going to write about some specific beers for Pint.