This is a personal website in which I want to share my adventures in the world of beer. It is however a public website, so privacy aspects come into play.

Not only because it is my day job, obviously I find privacy and security very important. I know with today’s technologies everyone is hard-pressed to retain some form of privacy and it is quite impossible to do anything on the internet without one or the other company tracking you, but I try not to add to that with this blog. For this blog I use WordPress via Argeweb and I have not installed, linked or programmed any trackers, statistics programs or other data collection thingies myself. However, both WordPress and Argeweb track metadata in a mostly anonymous way like how many times my blog was visited, how many posts I have placed and how many comments were placed. They also both perform statistical analyses via various methods. So every cookie that might be placed via my blog comes from WordPress or Argeweb:

You can find the WordPress Privacy policy here,

And the Argeweb Privacy policy here, which is in Dutch.

Some anti-spam measures WordPress applies that affect your data cq. privacy are:

  • The requirement to fill out name and email before commenting on a post
  • Moderation/approvement of the first comment you make on this blog with that name and email
  • The moderation of comments containing two or more links

Other legal aspects

I try to use only pictures I took myself or will ask permission to use your picture beforehand. As far as possible and when necessary (i.e. not made in public places, not already widely shared) I will ask people in pictures permission before placing those pictures on this blog. I will blur people when asked for.

My texts are my own. Of course I have gained knowledge and will gain more knowledge via others and I will use that knowledge in this blog to my best intentions, to entertain, to educate or to start a dialogue.