Short updates

2021 September 29th

There we are again!

2021 July 17th

Have you seen Judy and me in PINT magazine?

2021 June 3rd

New nifty promos to use for beer tastings and such

2021 May 28th

I made an introduction short for one of the beers for a digital PINT beer tasting

2021 May 16th

On Sunday May 16th at 13.00 h on RTL7 and on Friday May 21st at 15.30 h on RTLZ you can see me on TV in Van Graan tot Glas (From grain to glass).

Videos: and and

2021 May 13th

The results of the Dutch Beer Challenge 2021 are in! Check them here:

2021 April 23th

Yesterday I had the honour to be a judge for the Dutch Beer Challenge to taste a lot of wonderful beers and to meet a lot of colleagues and friends again (safely of course) I hadn’t seen for over a year! The winning beers will be known on May 12th! 

2021 April 20th

I’m going to be on television in May! Who doesn’t love talking about beer in front of a camera?

2021 April 19th

“De Dutch Beer Challenge 2021 komt eraan. De zevende editie alweer van de competitie die consument en horeca kan helpen bij een mooie bierselectie.”

2021 April 13th

Yay! A 9 for Social Responsibility/Sociale HygiΓ«ne ?

2021 April 2nd

A fellow beer sommelier tipped me to do the Social Responsibility exam, so I did.
I passed today with a score of 38/40 πŸ˜€

2021 March 21st

I’m going to do something new. Or well, actually I already did it before, but in another format. What, you ask? I’ll tell you soon!

2021 March 1st

So close yet so far away! Last week I walked to the Belgian border, but being the well-behaved citizen I am, I did not cross it to visit the Achelse Kluis. The signs told me I could walk to De Koningshoeve instead, but that seemed to be a bit of an overkill. ?

So we just wandered the forests and all and ended with a beer in the sun

2021 February 19th

We did the Beer in a Box blind tasting! It was fun and very nicely done with the gorgeous labels and the chosen styles and such.

We guessed all the beer styles, and for the alcohol percentages we both guessed five correctly independently, but we corrected each other wrongly when we filled in the test site, so we finally had a score of 10 out of 12, which I’m happy with ??

Thank you, Bear!

2021 January 8th

We did a blind tasting of 23 German pilsners.

Never knew it was possible to safely transport 69 glasses in a backpack

2021 January 3th

I received the specially brewed beers for Judy’s 10.000th Untappd check-in!

2020 December 24th

It’s Christmas and I received awesome new beer books to prepare myself for brewing in the preHistorisch Dorp in Eindhoven!

2020 December 21th

I’m trying something new! A lot of times I want to share something small, but I don’t feel like writing a whole blog about it (yet). So I’m looking for a way to share short updates, maybe like this. Lets start with something fun: Have you ever listened to the Oettinger fan songs?