Trumer Brewery

Additionally to the course we got a tour through the Trumer brewery in Obertrum am See by the always enthusiastic and wonderful Johanna.

The brewery got its name from the city it’s in. Now there are three lakes, but it used to be one big lake, the trum or trumer. The city was called ober den trum (above/over/next-to the trum) and the people were called Trumers.

During the tour you can see the old and new tools (40 years is quite new, right?), you can smell all the different hop aroma’s via a very intricate smelling wall and see work in progress, which is, like in all breweries, mostly cleaning.

The most interesting part about this brewery is the open fermentation! You can see, smell and almost feel (don’t do that) the fermentation processes of the beer, the wort becoming a beer. What’s even more fascinating is how the fermentation vats are built. They are made in such a way that it mostly cleans itself and they only have to rinse it with hot water and maybe only a monthly caustic soda treatment.

Trumer brewery has a tasting lounge next to the fermentation vats. It was the first time in a week I had a pilsner again, and I must say, I understand why bavarian people think pilsner is quite bitter. It’s a world away from the malty helles and I’m sure I’ll be able to keep those apart at the NK next year. I still have to practice on the differences between helles, märzen, dortmunder export and all, but I am wandering and will tell more about our rehearsals for the NK 2020 another time.

For now, which lager beer do you prefer, helles or pilsner?


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