Ok. So I might have had a burnout for almost a year now. Which is why I have updated a lot less than I used to and which is why I will update a lot less than I want to. But that is how it is. There are still a lot of posts in draft, some for almost three years. I still plan on publishing them, but it might take some time. And that is ok. I’ll probably keep updating, but I am keeping no schedules or anything for the upcoming year.

I am still going to the World Beer Cup in München in September. As a cheerleader for the team 😉 And I will certainly write about that! So that post will be published in September. After that it will be a bit quieter here for some time. That does not mean I will stop, not at all 😀 Knowing me I cannot keep quiet anyway and will probably update the short updates once in a while and of course my social media more than once in a while. And I am going to finish and update the Eindhoven stories in the future. Because I love doing those interviews and I love to talk and write about this gorgeous city and its (beer) people. And they deserve to be in the spotlight. I also still love to organise beer activities.

But just not now. For now I am taking a short break and work on myself. I hope to see you all soon again.

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